Journal on Lamentation in the Biblie

Please follow the instructions on the attachment.
You must use Literal Devices as describe in the attachment.

The destruction of the Temple was the focal calamity of biblical history, and Lamentations is the occasional poem commemorating that devastating event. What was the focal calamity of your time? How is poetry still used as a response to and a way to heal from traumatic loss?

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Your job is to find a poem that serves the same purpose for a contemporary audience as Lamentations did for a biblical audience. You can google “9/11 poetry” for plenty of options, but you are not limited to 9/11 as a subject (the poems subject should be a significant recent event).

Your journal should be structured as follows:

Paragraph 1: what are some of the content parallels between the biblical lament and the modern poem?

Paragraph 2: what similarities do you see in literary devices and poetic form when comparing the two poems?

Paragraph 3: how does reading one poem enhance your understanding of the other?

Be sure to print a copy of your poem and submit it with your journal so that I can see the text to which you are responding.

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