Please give 100 words each part an opinion on the Public Service Announcement

Please give 100 words each part an opinion on the Public Service Announcement

Part 1

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The public service announcement I chose is the stop smoking PSA sponsored in part by a grant from the Baltimore Health Department and the University of Maryland Medical System.

Included here is a link to the PSA

This addresses the public health issue of smoking which has many health ramifications some of which were mentioned in the video like hurting the lung and throat. As well as increasing the chance of heart and lung disease and problems such as a heart attack or stroke. It even says it can kill you which I think makes you really think about how dangerous smoking can be. The target audiences seem to predominately be adults but specifically parents. I would say this because at the end it has many different kids saying if you will not quit for you quit for me. It also says at one point that smoking isn’t cool which also makes it seem to also include young adults. I think this public service announcement is effective because it talks about all of the health ramifications along with pointing out that it also makes peoples clothes stink and yellows your teeth. This points out the health ramifications and social ramifications of smoking. I think it is nice that it ends with a link to a website if you need help along with a phone number to call.



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Part 2

My public service health announcement I chose to write was “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” Ad that ran in 1983. This was an anti-drinking and driving campaign that spread the message that people should not drink and drive. This Ad was sponsored by a non-profit Ad Council who joined the US Department of transportation and the National highway traffic safety administration.

The Ad was addressing the public health issue of road accidents that were rampant on the highways, and most reports showed that most of the accidents were caused by drunk drivers. Therefore, the campaign was discouraging people to drink and drive to reduce the road carnage.

The targets audience for this Ad was the young people who were engaging in heavy drinking. The youthful generation during that time drunk heavily, and most of them drove their cars after drinking this led to many road accidents. The AD also targeted elderly people who were fond of drinking alcohol and engaging in driving.

In my opinion, this Ad was effective since it showed that the consequences of drinking were fatal and thus discouraged many from driving while drunk. Recent American statistics shows that in 2016, 10,497 people died due to alcohol-impaired driving crashed. This was about 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the US. This implies that the AD was on point and if the Ad was effective, it could prevent a large percentage of accidents on American roads.


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