Please i need help to write my paper. ENG 204: Survey of World Literature: 17th

Please i need help to write my paper.
ENG 204: Survey of
World Literature: 17th                                                                                        Century to the Present
Section 04
Prof. Karpuk
Spring 2017
Write a 5-7 page paper on one of the following topics. Remember that you must develop a coherent argument and thesis which unifies your ideas on the topic. The thesis must be a debatable point, the validity of which you attempt to demonstrate by your use of supporting evidence and reasoning. It cannot be only a restatement of my question or the premise behind it! For instance, an unacceptable thesis for the first topic is: “there is deliberate confusion between reality and illusion in Six Characters in Search of an Author.” Duh. I told you that; it is the reason I assigned the topic.
There are four topics; pick one to discuss in your paper.
(You may answer one of the following two questions that were assigned as essay topics for the midterm, but only if you did not write on that topic for the midterm.)
1.  Discuss the interplay and (deliberate) confusion between invention and reality in Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author.   
2. Discuss the influence of previous generations on the current one in Chinua Achebe’s “Chike’s School Days” and Salman Rushdie’s “The Perforated Sheet” (a story Rushdie prepared from the first two chapters of Midnight’s Children). Why does the story about Chike’s education go back as far as his paternal grandmother, and why does Saleem’s story about himself as one of “Midnight’s Children” begin with a narrative about his grandfather, Dr. Aadam Aziz? What events or experiences in the lives of parents or grandparents helped shape the protagonists, Chike and Saleem? Be very specific.
(OR you may answer one of the following.)
3. Do a complete analysis of Goethe’s Faust.
4. Discuss the psychological, moral, and philosophical issues raised by the protagonist’s confrontation with death in “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Leo Tolstoy. That is, what about inevitable death changes the protagonist’s thoughts about the meaning of his life, his behavior, or his relationships with others?
This is a critical paper and you are not expected or required to consult outside sources. The emphasis is on your own ability to analyze the text based upon knowledge gleaned from class discussions.
You must use parenthetical citations when quoting directly from the texts, closely paraphrasing or summarizing passages from them, or citing from them precise details, the accuracy of which the reader might wish to verify independently in the text. Since for purposes of this paper, everything you cite will be from the Norton Anthology of World Literature, Shorter 3rd  ed., Volume 2, you need not cite the book itself, but do cite the author’s last name, the title of the work by that author to which you are referring, and the page number without the abbreviations “p.” or “pp.”: (Goethe, Faust 411). Or rather, cite by author and title the first time, and by author alone thereafter: (Goethe 476-477); (García Márquez, “Death Constant Beyond Love” 1654) (García Márquez 1658). If you are citing one of the editor’s commentaries rather than the work itself, cite as follows: (Norton Anthology 1652).
You may consult other sources if you wish (though I do not recommend it; the amount of research you would have to do in order for it to be genuinely helpful is prohibitive for an assignment this limited in scope, and a little bit of research can actually be harmful if you pick the wrong source). If you do so, append a list of Works Cited to the end of your paper, and cite them parenthetically in the body of your paper by author and page number: (Praz 74). If you cite more than one work by the same author, you must give author, (a shortened) title and page number each time: (Praz, The Romantic Agony 74). You are cautioned to avoid Internet sources unless the site clearly indicates that the writer has scholarly credentials and a record of publications which gives him or her credibility as a specialist on the subject. If you use Internet sources, you must cite them just as you would cite print sources (consult a composition manual for MLA format used in citing Internet sources). You do not need to append a list of Works Cited if you do not use secondary sources.
When using direct quotes, follow the instructions given in the assignment sheet for the first critical paper. In general, though, avoid filling up your paper with long quotes. The general rule of thumb is that no more than 25% of a paper should consist of direct quotes, and less than that is preferable. Many long quotes create the impression, however true or false it may be, that you do not understand the ideas in the original texts and so cannot express them in your own words.Rather, when referring to an author’s ideas or facts from the text, if possible paraphrase or summarize them. Quote the exact language of the text only when you must analyze the language itself, or when you cannot otherwise properly support an assertion you have made.
Note again that you must still give parenthetical citations if paraphrasing or summarizing evidence from the text, not just for direct quotes.
The paper is due on Tuesday, May 2 (changed from the dates listed on the syllabus and revised schedule).
This deadline as well as the penalties will be strictly enforced. Note that I do not accept e-mail submissions of papers; you must deliver a hard copy of the paper on the day it is due, preferably in class, though if unavoidable, you may submit it outside of class, as per the same instructions for delivering it late outlined below.
If the paper is late, it will be dropped one-third of a letter grade for each day it is late, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Extensions will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances and only if you consult with me beforehand. If you must submit it late, hand it to me in person if possible, but if not, place it in my mailbox or slip it under my office door, having first gotten it signed and dated by an English Department faculty or staff member. If the paper is not signed and dated, I will assume it was submitted on whatever day I picked it up. Also, follow up with me to confirm that I received it. I am not receptive to (unverifiable) lateness excuses involving computer problems, printers, cartridges, flash drives, software glitches, or other people delivering your paper for you. It is your responsibility to have equipment functional enough to do the assignment and to make sure it is delivered to the right destination.
You are encouraged to consult with me beforehand about your ideas for the paper. For this second paper, there will be no rewrites; you must get it right the first time. You do have the option of submitting to me a finished draft for revision and correction before the final paper is due, provided you give it to me in sufficient time for me to correct and return it. However, as stated in the syllabus, you will probably benefit more by coming in for a consultation with a detailed outline in hand, prior to composing a draft, than by turning in a draft without prior consultation, if forced to choose between doing one or the other. If you turn in the draft and discover that it suffers from major misconceptions concerning the assignment, you will be forced to undertake major revisions which could have been avoided by consultation beforehand, or even get it back too late for the substantive rewriting it will undoubtedly need. You may follow up a consultation by submitting a draft provided you have left enough lead time for me to correct it and return it to you. Of course, you may come in for a consultation at any time before the due date, bringing with you whatever work you have completed on the paper. 
Other Guidelines:
1)     Compose a separate title page. That is, do not begin the first page of    your composition with the title. Put title, name, date, and course
information only on the title page, not on the first page of actual text and not on any page thereafter. (That is, do not fill up space with an unnecessary heading.)
2)     Type the paper.
3)     Use 1″ margins on all sides (1/2” margin on the bottom is acceptable).
4)     Paginate (give page numbers). Do not include the title page in your       numbering. Page 1 must be the first page of actual text.
5)     Use a 12-point font size (please not smaller or larger than this).
6)     Double-space. Please do not 1 1/2, single-space, or triple-space.
7)     Write a minimum of five full pages, not including the title page. There is         no maximum length; the paper may be as long as you feel you need it

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