Please identify and briefly explain two of the five dimensions of national culture. (Points : 10) According to Geert Hofstede national culture has 5 dimensions:

MGMT 591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Final Exam

(TCOs A and B) Please identify and briefly explain two of the five dimensions of national culture. (Points : 10)

According to Geert Hofstede national culture has 5 dimensions:

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  1. (TCO D) Referring to the team decision-making process, define consensus and unanimity, and explain the difference between the two. (Points : 10)

Consensus refers to a group of people with different background / skills / values / ethics.


  1. (TCO E and F) Identify four of the barriers to effective communication and give an example of each. (Points : 10)

There may be a number of barriers that make communication hard:


  1. (TCO G) Differentiate between trait theories of leadership and behavioral theories of leadership. Describe each and give an example of each type of leadership. (Points : 10)

Trait theories are based on a set of personal attributes such as need for achievement,


(TCOs E and F) Workplace deviance is costly to both organizations and employees. Victims of workplace deviance suffer from stress-related conditions, decreased productivity and low morale and are more likely to leave the organization. How can norms be used to reduce deviant workplace behavior? (Points : 10)

Norms define right and wrong behaviors within an organization which have to be ………………………………..

  1. (TCO B) Faxco Incorporated is a business with 500 employees. The CEO of the company has recently learned, based on employee surveys, that the employees are not very happy with the company. In fact, the CEO is starting to believe that this may be the reason why Faxco is experiencing slower sales and a recent budget crisis that threatens to shut down the company in 3 years if it is not fixed.

You are a consultant and the CEO has asked you to visit the company for a week and analyze what might be going wrong. Here are your notes from the week.
(1) Attended Manager 1’s staff meeting. He has 200 employees working under him. Manager 1 talked about the recent budget problems that Faxco is having. He said, “It’s not like we didn’t know this was coming. The company makes a junky product compared to our competitors, and half the time, I think the manufacturing department is cutting corners.” Manager 1 was overheard telling an employee, “I don’t blame anyone if they are looking for work elsewhere.”

(2) You overheard three employees talking after Manager 1’s staff meeting. Employees are upset about the idea that the manufacturing department might be cutting corners and creating junky products. The company advertises its products as having the finest quality and durability.

(3) You attended Manager 2’s staff meeting. He runs the tech department and has 20 employees. He was very upset with the marketing department. He stated, “Someone over in marketing reported to the CEO that a computer technician from this department was rude to them. I did not even ask who it was that was supposedly being rude. I know we’re all techies in this department together and we don’t behave that way.” He also read an e-mail from a customer who said that someone from the tech department was rude. His response was, “All these customers do is complain. It’s us versus them apparently, so we have to watch out.”
In light of what you learned in MGMT591 about diversity, job satisfaction, and attitudes, please write up a neatly-organized analysis for the CEO. (Points : 45)

Although, there is no clue from this case about Faxco Incorporated’s demographics, there ………………………………..

  1. (TCO E) You lead a team of marketing professionals. At a recent team meeting, Curtis and Andrea got into an argument in front of you and are no longer speaking to each other. Curtis came to you and complained that Andrea always tries to get all of the attention. Andrea came to you with that same complaint about Curtis after the argument. Recently you and your entire team took the Life Styles Inventory (LSI). Andrea is Conventional while Curtis is Competitive. Your style is Humanistic-Encouraging. You plan to hold a meeting with the three of you. What four specific things will you cover and how will you approach each part of the communication differently based on the LSI results? (Points : 45)

Andrea is Conventional, which means she is comfortable with the establishment of rules ………………………………..

  1. (TCO F) As a manager of people it is inevitable that you will have to deal with conflict issues. In our studies we have identified the need to resolve conflict when it is seen to be counter to the organization’s goals and in some cases, to stimulate conflict to arrive at organizational goals or increase performance. Select any two of the nine conflict-resolution techniques (see Exhibit 14-4 in your textbook). Explain how each technique could be used to reduce or eliminate conflict. Provide an example scenario for each. (15 points for each technique with an example scenario) Select one of the four conflict-stimulation techniques (see Exhibit 14-4 in your textbook). Explain how that technique could be used to improve a group’s performance. Provide an example scenario. (15 points) (Points : 45)

Conflict-Resolution Techniques:


  1. (TCO D) Sonia Smith, Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at a new, electric automobile manufacturer on the east coast, is determined to create a participatory workforce culture based on the historic recalls and poor quality production in major USA automakers. She has asked you to join her Human Resources team in the graduate-level intern program she just created with Keller School of Management at DeVry University. (Points : 45)

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