Please Include In Text Citations And Properly Reference All Outside Sources

*Read the Case Study (ATTACHED) & Question 1 Below. Decide whether you agree with the answer or not and find 2 academic sources to support your answer.(IN TEXT CITATIONS & PROPER REFERNCING) **
Question 1: Based on ethical principles and precedents Ashley absolutely has a duty to warn as Kendrick’s nurse. Although Ashley has to respect patient confidentiality, when a patient makes a direct threat against someone else the practitioner is legally obligated to warn the victim or notify the correct authorities. According to the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law:
“The legal duty of a psychiatrist or psychotherapist to warn an identifiable victim of a patient’s serious threat of harm has been well recognized in U.S. jurisprudence and clinical practice since the Tarasoff decision of the Supreme Court of California in 1976.” (Felthous, 2006)
Based on this, Ashley should immediately notify Kendrick’s psychiatrist of his threats and potential intentions upon discharge. The medical team can then decide what the best, and safest, course of action is for Kendrick’s treatment. If Kendrick is still feeling such intense animosity toward his ew-mother-in-law, it is possible he is still suffering from paranoid delusions. He may need an increased dosage of medication or prolonged in-patient therapy before living on his own. It is in the best interest of both the patient, his family, and the general public to take Kendrick’s threats seriously. (WEISS)
Felthous, A.R. (2006). Warning a Potential Vitctim of a Person’s Dangerousness: Clinician’s Duty or Victim’s Right? Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 34(3), 338-348.

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