Plumbing & HVAC Motivation for Employees.

Before writing this paper, make sure you have read the chapter on inspiration and seen the motivational videos. (2012). Hitt, M., Black, S., and Porter. Prentice Hall’s Management, 3rd edition Give an example of a time when you felt unmotivated to perform well at work. Describe the tasks that needed to be completed and how they were linked to the objectives of the organization. These 3 areas should be included in your study (pages 241 and above in your text): Your personal qualities What needs, attitudes, and personal objectives did you bring to this experience? the nature of the work, variety, scope, feedback, and other aspects of the employment. Features of the working environment How did this event relate to the surrounding social context, particularly my interactions with my coworkers and supervisor? How did it relate to the operations of the organization? What could the project manager have changed to make this a more inspiring experience? What could you have changed to increase your own drive? Which Chapter 9 motivating idea may have been used in this case to get better results? (p. 242–257) Hitt, M., Black, S., and Porter (2012) Prentice Hall’s Management, 3rd edition


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