Poem Analysis and Summary


Assignment #2, Sources are not necessary but 1 or 2 wouldn’t hurt, Due 11/23, 

In this assignment, you are to analyze and summarize a poem this poem:


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This has to be done on a PowerPoint presentation and needs to be at least 13 slides (not including title slide). The presentation doesn’t need to be too in depth or need any animations but at least all of the following bullets need to be answered:

-a brief background about the poem/poet

-a summary of the poem–what is it attempting to do/show/say/make the reader feel or see, in your opinion? How?

-Any confusing terminology or images/allusions in the poem

-how the poem uses imagery and tropes (a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression)

-why you chose the poem, and how it relates to empathy.

-any other relevant information, images, etc.

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