POLi (Democrat victories in this year’s midterm House of Representatives elections)

Answer EACH of the questions below.  A complete answer for EACH  QUESTION should take the form of NOT LESS THAN FIVE (5) TYPEWRITTEN  PAGES, not included the Works Cited pages.  You may use any of the  readings distributed in the weekly course reading packs as sources.  You  may also undertake as much research as necessary in order to answer the  questions completely and thoroughly.  Each question should have its own  works cited page. 

  1. What factors could account for the overwhelming Democrat victories  in this year’s midterm House of Representatives elections? Could  Republicans have limited their losses and how?Assume you are the chief strategist for a Republican candidate for  the First Congressional District in Massachusetts. What positions should  you take on major issues and how will you enunciate those positions to  get your candidate elected to that Congressional seat?

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