Police Militarization

Recently, the militarization of American police was again brought into the media spotlight with the civil unrest following several well publicized police shootings across the country. Law enforcement officials deny intent to acquire military equipment in an attempt to more effectively control the general public, claiming instead that such equipment merely enhances the role of the police as they work to keep people safe. Civil rights groups maintain that the increased militarization of police only serves to fuel potentially violent encounters between the police and members of the general public.

In your journal, consider the societal consequences of an increasingly militarized civil police force. Consider such issues as those discussed in 42 USC § 1983. (Peak, 2016, p. 164-165). Do you think militarization of the police is a positive direction for law enforcement? Why? Explain and support your ideas. Your journal entry this week should be at least one page in length


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