POLICY ANALYSIS PAPER:Long healthcare waiting times

This is a policy analysis paper. The ?problem? being addressed is long healthcare waiting times in Canada. You can choose specifically which long healthcare time to address as the problem. Example: you may choose the problem as long wait times for specific surgeries or long wait times to see a primary care doctor. But it has to be a specific long healthcare waiting time in Canada as the problem.
This paper then needs to analyze 2 different policies that have been proven to reduce the same type of healthcare waiting time problem in 2 other countries. Example: if you write about long waits to see a primary care doctor in Canada, then you must find 2 policies that have reduced waiting times to see a primary care doctor in 2 other locations in the world. You must find data and analyze those 2 policies by using all of the following criteria:
1. Actual Financial Cost (specify measures or indicators of implementation costs, how much did the policies cost to implement etc.)
2. Effectiveness (specify measures or indicators, EXAMPLE: reduced waiting times by ___minutes or hours or days)
3. Cost-Effectiveness (specify measures or indicators)
4. Side Effects
5. Equity
This paper must include the headings listed in the ?SAMPLE PAPER OUTLINE?
The paper must include up to date information and sources with recent data and statistics on wait times since 2013.

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