Policy Issue/Action PowerPoint Presentation


The preceding two tasks serve as the foundation for this project. You created a policy brief and a policy analysis paper on a subject for earlier assignments. The third assignment is a PowerPoint presentation that should be given to a legislative committee as testimony. The goal of this assignment is to influence people who are making decisions with your message. A recording of the presentation is required. The slide presentation can only include 8 slides, and it can’t last longer than 10 minutes. Each slide over eight and each minute over five will result in a 1-point deduction from the assignment’s final grade. Review your presentation after recording the audio to make sure the audio is of the highest quality. No exceptions to audio quality issues may be attributed to inadequate technology. The presentation will be in the following format:
Slide with the title
• In the introduction, give a brief overview of the organization you represent as well as your name.
What is the problem that you are attempting to solve? Why are you worried about this?
What is your recommendation for a solution? What effect does it have on expenses, savings, lives, etc.?
• Summary and Appreciation: Don’t forget to thank the committee and sum up your main points.
• Reference(s) Where did the information come from?

—Part 2. (5pts.) As a reminder of your issue, organization, and recommendation, you should also write a one-page summary of the policy analysis in Word (without referencing any sources). The format for this summary will be SBAR*. The US Navy initially created SBAR as a communication method that might be applied to nuclear submarines. Make a title page available. SBAR: ?? Situation: Describe the issue in brief. Background: Give the relevant background. How did the issue or problem develop into what it is now? Analyses: Compile the information. What should be done next, you ask? How do you plan to make it better?
Remember that this is a persuasive essay as well. Don’t overcrowd the page with words, making it difficult to read. Members of the committee hear testimony from a large number of people and organizations. You want people to think of you, your business, and your suggestions. (You desire that they scan your document and take note of your main points.)
According to the deadline listed in the Activities and Assignments Schedule, the assignment is due.

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Avoid jamming paragraphs into the slide. Limit the use of graphics and use bullet points.

The presentation must have a title page and a reference page in the proper APA format. Refer to the 6th edition of the APA manual if you have any questions.


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