Pollution Fundamentals and Control Technology: Minneapolis TCE Contamination

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Introduction or Background: Students will review an existing waste water treatment facility or related

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technology[ies], , air pollution control technology or technologies and solid waste management practices in a workplace, such as an industry, local county, municipality or town. Important is that students should apply their theoretical knowledge to solve an existing environmental pollution problem [related to any of the three compartments: air, water and soils]. Students can also decide to look at how to evaluate these technologies.

Typical examples would be to use pollutants’ emission regulations and standards, sampling procedures, or examine different sources of such pollution (population growth and demand for consumer products; consumption and production patters and sustainability criteria). This will lead students into recommending best practices or sustainable policies and technologies for pollution control. Please students are asked to strictly follow the format shown below (i.e. provide answer all sections) to write the report or their term papers. It is as if you are answering essay questions. Do not remove the Titles shown in Bold. You can add sub-titles, however. The sub-titles added must be reflected in the Table of Contents.

Term paper submission instructions and requirements: Please submit the following documents

(a) The electronic version or an e-version of the term paper is due on – April 27th, 2018 at 9:30 am (I

need enough time to grade your term papers). This e-version /versions of the term paper (6-8 pages)

must be accompanied by 5-6-pptx slides + appendices (appendices must be used that relate closely

to the paper – see appendices section on the rubric). All of these documents must be uploaded on

Moodle by 9:30 am. Student Presentations: Because students are not expected to make any

formal presentations, ppt slides in lieu of this presentation is a must and a requirement!!

(b) Hard copies of the Term paper (6-8 pages – this excludes title page; contents and the executive

summary) + ppts slides 5-6 slides + appendices (optional) to be handed to the instructor by the end

of business day on

Format Your Paper as required by the Instructor (See the requirements)!

a. Margins: One inch (1”) top, bottom and sides

b. Spacing: Single–spaced

c. Font: Any font is fine, but preference is Times New Roman (Size 12)

d. Length of your paper – as per syllabus, the length of the paper should be a min 6 pg and a max 8 pgs.

This exclude references, title page or cover pages (appendices are also not counted)..

e. Content: an attempt should be made to integrate theoretical knowledge into the practical aspect of

your term paper. Please adhere to the course objectives!!

Note: Grades for this term paper represent 40% of the overall final grade for the course [see syllabus]!

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