I need a 3-4 slide presentation on Powerpoint.

Addiction: Sex addiction

Population: Youth

Questions that need to be addressed:

  • Discuss possible population and prevention programs for youth addicted to sex.
  • Population that you are using and why this population is at risk for this addiction
  • Addiction that you are using and the history of this addiction and its impact on society
  • Current impact on the population, family, workplace, and community from this addiction

An effective presentation will include:

  • Dynamic formatting of the slides
  • Appropriate images, charts, graphs, and so on
  • Clean bullets points that do not give too much information per slide

Use of the speaker notes section to clearly define the bullets of the slide and provide reference to cited material.

Guidelines for Submission: The presentation should be a PowerPoint presentation to include 3–4 slides (not counting title slide and references slide) with speaker notes. All citations should be in APA format.


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