Portions of Succession Planning

We need to write portions after presentation. 3 people in our group, and we divided 3 parts in our presentation. We choosen “Suncor Energy” company to introduce our “succcession planning.
For Josie: She introduced introduction, agenda and ice-breaker(an avticity of training method)
For Helen: Shes part is “define the audience(for who?)“ and “Benifits of the succession”
For Yiwei: He showed a viedo(avtivity), and he expressed the “components of the succession planning”. Using “KAHOOT” to ask questions for audience.(avtivity)

I have post the instruction and our presentation powerpoint on there. Please pay attention to reading it.
Thank you very much.

Parts 1 and 3: Written Portions of This Assignment:

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Create a training program document that includes the following:

1.    Cover page.

2.    Lesson plan (complete before your presentation): Your lesson plan must include the following:

a.    Title of the training program.
b.    Introduction to the training topic.
c.    Components of the training program (and note which piece or component that you will detail and deliver): Set the stage for the larger training program, and then narrow it down to the specific lesson objective: What will the audience learn during the 20-30 minute presentation?
d.    Materials and equipment needed to deliver the training.
e.    Target audience: Who will you deliver this training to?
f.    Training methods: What methods will you use to deliver this training to your audience (for example, icebreaker to start, lecture, PowerPoint slides, role-play, movie)? Be creative; try a few different methods.
g.    Group member roles: Each of you must play a role. Assign the roles and identify them in your paper.
h.    Training location: For the purposes of this assignment, the training will take place in our SAIT classroom. If you could choose, where would the training take place?

3.    Reflection piece (complete after your presentation): This reflection piece serves as both the conclusion to the assignment and a reflection of your shared learnings from completing this group assignment. Consider what went well, what did not and how you would improve the next delivery of this topic.

4.    References: Use APA format.


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