Article/position paper: “Buddhism and the Brain” on seedmagazine.com


You will use a subject from the article you selected for your response essay in the position essay. For your position paper, draw inspiration from the subject of your response paper.
Your essay will examine how you feel about a contentious issue. A contentious topic must have opposing viewpoints that may be explored. Avoid turning this essay into an expository one, which is what happens when you describe your subject. You must choose a position, then defend it.
An expository essay might, for instance, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of taking performance-enhancing drugs in sports. A position essay is one that makes the case for legalizing performance-enhancing substances on the grounds that doing so would level the playing field.

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Choose an argumentative topic based on the concepts in the article. Write a thesis statement outlining your position on the topic. Write your essay, vehemently defending your position. You may use outside sources to support your opinion, but it is not necessary. Cite your original source (the article) at the conclusion.

• The length of your final essay should be between 1000 and 1500 words.
• Format your paper according to MLA style. the page number, headings, etc.

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