Positive Behavior Environment – Describe how you will encourage positive behavior using proactive differentiated strategies based on current (within the last five years) research. Be sure to include

Positive Behavior Environment

Building relationships in a secure, supportive classroom setting is where differentiated learning begins, not with the actual teaching of the material. You’ll develop a differentiated classroom framework this week using a plan that was initially developed to help instructors adhere to the new Common Core State Standards in an inclusion classroom (Voltz, Sims, Nelson, & Bivens, 2005). The goal of your Professional Learning Community (PLC) is to build a strong school vision that is student-centered using the principles of differentiation. This framework will be shared with the other teachers in your PLC.

Assignment guidelines:

You’ll create a differentiated classroom environment plan with a physical layout and pro-social teaching techniques to promote constructive behavior. Prezi, PowerPoint, VoiceThread with audio narration, a blog post, or a conventional Word document can all be used to display this. Your choice of presentation tool will determine how long your presentation will be. The following sections must be addressed in detail: Below is a list of the minimum length requirements.

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Describe the demographics of your real or imagined class, taking into account:

Level of Education and Subject Total number of pupils, broken down by skill levels, gender, and ELLs (English Language Learners) Additional pertinent data (including socioeconomic standing, family history, patterns of behavior, etc.)

Discuss how you’ll apply the fundamental principles of tailored education to plan the physical structure of your classroom to reflect the demographics you’ve mentioned. Include the following:

Arrangement of furniture (including student desks, teachers’ desks, laptops, reading nooks, libraries, pets, and quiet areas) Architecture (which includes stationary elements like doors, windows, sinks, bulletin boards, and chalk/whiteboards)

To back up your design, you must include at least one academic publication with supporting research. You must also provide a written (three to four paragraphs) or narrated (one to two minutes) explanation of why you selected this specific layout and how it connects to your class demographics, as well as a diagram, picture, or illustration.

Minimum Length Requirements in a Classroom Environment:

PowerPoint or Prezi: three slides Three to four paragraphs in a blog post or standard Word document Voicethread with narration: one to two minutes

Environment for Positive Conduct: Explain how you will promote positive conduct using proactive, differentiated tactics that are based on recent (within the previous five years) research. Include the following:

Routines and laws that increase success include respecting individuals’ uniqueness and emotionally secure surroundings. Specific actions (respect, listening, and problem-solving) are anticipated.

Minimum Length Requirements for a Positive Behavior Environment:

PowerPoint or Prezi: six slides Blog post or six-paragraph Word document Three minutes of voice-threaded narration

As evidence for your research, use the course material and at least two academic papers from Google Scholar or the Ashford University Library. Make sure you properly cite the sources you used at the conclusion of your project (for example, at the bottom of the blog or the final slide of a PowerPoint presentation). The APA style should be used while writing academic papers, including for the title and reference pages.



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