PRAXIS of Human rights
I204 Activism Papers (5 Pages). Due: Monday, November 30th
Skills applied: framing, descriptive writing, reflexivity, critical analysis
Learning Goals: to apply human rights concepts and theories learned in class to real life situations based on your personal interests and goals. (25% credit, 5 pages minimum)
PRAXIS: Praxis is a concept, first ascribed to Aristotle, which describes a continuous commitment to knowledge creation out of experience. Praxis is engaging new ideas, changing your worldview and constructing new, creative solutions to problems. Praxis is a necessary part of activism. Activism begins with learning and extends into action. Praxis is critical to human rights work today. Taking this concept of praxis as the basis for your paper do the following:
1. Describe the learning you engaged in during your activism (at least 2 of your activism credits could have been documentaries or lectures attended). What actions did you take or what activities did you participate in? Which documentaries or lectures did you watch? This is an introduction. Please include full titles of lectures or documentaries watched and who made them or gave them.
2. Describe in detail the actions you engaged in and how these actions made you reconceptualize several course readings or basic theories. Such as, if you volunteered at Hoosier Hills Foodbank it may have made you consider the correlative duties of sustainability rights. You may have come face to face with poverty and hunger in your immediate environment for the first time and wondered about what it means to pay as much as you do for your education while others around you may be struggling to feed family members. You may have wondered, why is it that so many people are hungry in Indiana when we are surrounded by corn and soy fields? When you discuss ideas and readings directly please note the source, lecture, documentary or specific course reading. You must discuss relate your actions to some course readings here for full credit. If you are confused about how to do this or which ones are appropriate for you case, please ask. You do not need a full bibliography. You may cite all sources and readings in text but please use complete names and titles for readings, lectures and bibliographies.
3. What happened over the course of your following of a case or prisoner all semester. Here you should add in everything you documented in your prisoner or case lo including the sources used to find the information. You should have documented this at least 10 times over the semester using your prisoner or case logging sheet, sum up your findings here with a timeline of events and the outcome.
4. How did these various activities come together for you with the concepts of this course to create praxis? How were you changed, did you change your views about some things, come to some new realizations, engage yourself in a different way than you had before? Change some previous behaviors? What is the overall outcome of your experiences with praxis this semester? This is your opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and how you may have changed as a result of it. Be honest and go as deep as possible. True activism engages our whole self. (Think about Paul Farmer or Irene Khan as models here).

I204 Case or Prisoner tracking sheet
Since some of you have said you would like more direction on this I have come up with this way to track your cases or prisoners.
Use whatever resources you like: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, news resources to keep up to date on the issue or prisoner you have chosen. I recommend the Guardian, NYT, Al Jazeera English, Democracy Now, Vice News.

1. Begin by writing a paragraph detailing the situation for the prisoner or the case here:
Then at least 10 times over the course of the semester, check for information on this case or prisoner on whatever sites you are using. Make sure to write down what you learn each time and the source you used to get the information

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