pre-planning items

Lesson planning is the most important task that teachers do, and there are many things to consider and decisions to make when planning a lesson to teach. Before a teacher actually completes a lesson plan, there are some pre-planning items to consider and factor in to try to avoid being underprepared for a lesson.

Include all of the following pre-planning items and their purpose in the instructional planning process:

  • Curriculum/standards
  • Goals/objectives
  • Student contextual factors (e.g., cultural experiences, prior knowledge, and skills)
  • Measuring student learning
  • Learning environment and lesson location

Create a 1-page infographic that depicts the relationship between instructional planning and the pre-planning items a teacher should consider while preparing to create a lesson plan.

Include description of each item, the importance and role each plays in effective pre-planning.

*Depending on your comfort level in creating graphical layouts, use 1 or more of the following tools to create the infographic:

  • Google Slides®
  • Canva®
  • Microsoft PowerPoint®

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