Prepare a 6–7 minute PERSUASIVE oral presentation on an issue (political, social, environmental and so on)

 PERSUASIVE oral presentation on an issue on political, social, environmental

I must submit a Power Point slide with my voice for an oral presentation that will last somewhere between 5 and 8 minutes. So, a script I can read and a PPT with the important points could be necessary.
MUST HAVE 2–3 VISUAL GRAPHICS (SUCH AS AN IMAGE, A GRAPH, OR A TABLE) BEST if related to the subject and includes the original source.
Questions for an oral presentation to advance concepts
Step 1: Craft an oral presentation on a topic (political, social, environmental, etc.) that is 6-7 minutes long and persuasive.
2. Determine your audience. For instance, if you planned to speak on a problem with local government, your audience might include people from a particular suburb who may be bothered by the problem. Before speaking, identify the audience and discuss the talk’s goal. This will aid the marker in determining whether the presentation’s content and tone are appropriate. The main goal will be to persuade the audience to agree with your viewpoint on the matter. To make the speech more fascinating, you can also inform or entertain the audience.
Do colleges overvalue students’ performance on standardized tests?
Is it wise to play the lottery?
Do curfews help prevent juvenile misbehavior?
Is cheating getting out of hand?
Do we rely on computers too much?
Are mobile devices hazardous?
Are police cameras a violation of privacy?
Do we live in a disposable society?
Is today’s behavior among kids better or worse than it was in the past?
Should businesses advertise to kids?
Should the government decide what we eat?
Are CEO salaries excessive?
Are contests for beauty exploitative?
Should English be Australia’s official language?
Should biofuels be mandated for the racing industry?
When should parents allow their children to make decisions on their own?
Should high schools be able to host military recruitment events?
Should the legal drinking age for alcohol be raised or lowered?
Is there a linkage age factor?
What age is right to start dating?
Does attending a single-sex school have advantages?
Can boredom cause problems?
Do teenagers who play sports stay out of trouble?
Is rivalry a good thing?
Should the federal government fund healthcare?
Is the price of attending college too high?
Does fashion matter?
Is it too difficult to get into a university?
Should girls approach boys?
Should teachers be subject to student evaluations?
Is homework beneficial or detrimental?
Is it necessary to cover piercings and tattoos at work?
Should tobacco firms be permitted to advertise their goods?
Should crocodiles and snakes be protected?
Should degrees in the arts cost less?

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