Prepare a briefing for senior managers that describes 1. The advantages and disadvantages of exporting

The Task; Moose & Walrus (M&W) is a manufacturer of a popular line of clothing for young people. M&W is firmly established in its home market, which is relatively saturated and has little prospects for future sales growth. Top management has decided to export M&W’s clothing line to Japan, Turkey, and various European countries. Suppose you are hired by M&W to assist with internationalisation. Prepare a briefing for senior managers that describes: 1. The advantages and disadvantages of exporting 2. A systematic approach to exporting 3. A systematic approach to managing export-import transactions. 4. Export payment methods What factors should M&W consider regarding the possible need to adapt its clothing styles for its target markets? Essentially this is an academic exercise, and therefore the depth and thoroughness of research is central to the task. Key points include: a discussion of exporting “ its meaning, purpose, merits, weaknesses if any, etc.; applying it to M&W in relation to various markets discussed above; and at the end providing some recommendations upon reflection of the research undertaken “ in your opinion how useful will this exporting be for M&W. Details of marking criteria are as follows: Assignment Marking Criteria While marking your assignment we will be looking for evidence for how well you have addressed the question / issues. The following part explains the key points you should consider in preparing your assignment. It is also important to review the specifications and guidelines outlined in your unit handbook, such as ˜Learning outcomes’ along with the ˜Assessment Criteria’, ˜the Assignment Strategy’, etc. 1. Introduction: A brief introduction that provides the purpose of the essay or its objectives and how the essay is structured. Interpreting the question “ this ideally should be clear within the introduction along with background / context. 2. Addressing the question / topic: The main body of the essay where the question is addressed. (This part may have a few sections / sub-sections). The key criteria here include: a. Research “ evidence of systematic research approach, depth and breadth of research undertaken; application of some conceptual (theoretical / empirical) framework(s), etc. b. Analysis “ well focussed on answering the question, depth and clarity of argument, organising / summarising collected information; answering the questions/tasks fully. c. Scholarly practice “ a proper referencing within the report (citations), employing appropriate International Business vocabulary, etc., the quality of the Reference section. (Harvard style of referencing). 3. Conclusion: A clear, concise, and relevant conclusion (and recommendations where appropriate). A conclusion where the key points that have emerged from the discussion are summarised, implications and where further investigation may be appropriate are stated. 4. Presentation: Neat layout, and headings / sub-headings where appropriate. Clarity of expression (appropriate language, grammar, spelling, etc.). Length of the essay should be 2500 words (maximum) without including the reference section. Word-count at the end of the essay. No attachments / appendices allowed. Please note that the above does not necessarily provide you with the headings / subheadings to be used in your essay. While generic headings such as ˜Introduction’, ˜Conclusion’, and ˜Recommendations’ would be appropriate and could be used in your essay, other headings / subheadings would emerge from the issues you are researching. Headings / subheadings give a logical, sequential, and meaningful structure for your essay. The completion of this assignment requires you to demonstrate the ability to: ¢ Apply consistently in-depth knowledge and reference relevant global business management theory. Generate a variety of ways of tackling a selected problem and identify options that have a chance of success in different organisational, geographical and economical entities. ¢ Identify quantitative and qualitative œinformation gaps, and the relevant sources needed to fill such lacunae. Prepare and use IT to aid efficient searching, evaluation and selection of information, exploring alternative lines of enquiry where appropriate. Present information effectively, including evidence to support your conclusions. ¢ Identify and critically assess in a comprehensive fashion the current strengths and weaknesses of the international organisation(s) relative to its global environment. Evaluate and synthesise information from different sources, theories and principles, and communicate relevant information effectively, and with accuracy. ¢ Critically analyse the effectiveness of your strategy, including factors that had an impact on the outcomes, and identify ways to take the organisation forward, and ways of further developing problem solving skills

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