Prepare at least two presentation aids to use in your Audio/visual aids shouldnt be longer than 15 seconds for three minute speeches or 30 seconds for five minute speeches.

Prepare at least two presentation aids to use in your Audio/visual aids. It shouldn’t be longer than 15 seconds for three-minute speeches or 30 seconds for five-minute speeches.

LANGUAGE ASSIGNMENT: You have gained some important knowledge about how to deliver a speech, including details about your voice, your body, delivery techniques, and audience adaptation. You should put that knowledge into practice, along with all the additional material you’ve acquired during this course, when you prepare, practice, and record this final speech assignment. You are required to create and present a speech on a subject of your choice for your final speech assignment. The length of the speech must be three to five minutes. It could be a speech about a narrative or personal experience, an infomercial, or a persuasive speech. The steps to finish this last task are as follows: 1. Decide on a speech topic. Choose a subject that you are knowledgeable about or would like to learn more about. 2. If necessary, gather information on your subject. Make sure to acknowledge any outside sources you use in your speech. It should take roughly three hours to conduct the research for this speech. 3. List the key ideas you wish to discuss and develop a thesis statement. 4. Decide on an organizational structure, then list your speech’s primary ideas and supporting details. 5. Create a solid opening and summary. 6. Make sure you have at least two presenting tools ready to utilize. For talks lasting three minutes or longer, audio/visual assistance shouldn’t last more than 15 or 30 seconds, respectively. 7. Test out your speech in front of some family or friends. Try to use the ideas you’ve learned when you practice your speech. Request comments from the audience regarding your presentation. Based on the feedback you receive, you should, if required, edit your speech. 8. Schedule a time to record your speech and invite at least five individuals to serve as your audience after you’ve practiced it and are happy with how it sounds. Speech76 9. The speech is recorded. (Make sure that at some point throughout the speech, the person operating the camera pans across the audience.) a. Read the sentences below to start the recording. While you read, fill in the spaces. The organizational structure I’ve employed is _______, and the speech style I’ve selected is _______ (narrative/personal experience, informational, or persuasive). This speech was intended for the following audience: _______. a. Take a brief pause (mental count of five) before starting your speech. Watch the speech that was recorded. Make sure it satisfies the assignment’s requirements. 11. Refer to the directions for posting your project to your Digital Dropbox at the beginning of this study guide to upload your speech for assessment. This speech’s test code is 25022800. The following inquiries will be made by your teacher when grading your speech. Does the speaker take the audience into account? Does the speaker state the thesis statement with clarity? Does the speech follow the specified organizational structure? Does the speech have a solid opening and a solid closing? Are the presentation tools for the speech effective? n Is the language used by the speaker accurate? Does the discourse use colorful language? Was the speech appropriately delivered?



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