Prepare at least two presentation aids to use in your Audio/visual aids shouldnt be longer than 15 seconds for three minute speeches or 30 seconds for five minute speeches.

SPEECH ASSIGNMENT You’ve learned some key information on the delivery of a speech, including information on your voice, your body, methods of delivery, and adapting to your audience. As you prepare, rehearse, and record this final speech assignment, you should put that information into practice, along with all the additional material you’ve learned throughout this course. For your final speech assignment, you must develop and deliver a speech on a topic of your choice. The speech must be between three and five minutes long.It can be a narrative/personal experience speech, an infomercial speech, or a persuasive speech.Carefully follow the steps below to complete this final assignment: 1. Choose a topic for your speech. Select a topic that you know about or one that you would like to learn more about. 2. Gather information on your topic if necessary. If you use outside sources, be sure to give them credit in your speech. The research for this speech should take about three hours. 3. Make a list of the main points you want to address, and write a thesis statement. 4. Choose an organizational pattern, and outline the main points and subpoints of your speech. 5. Develop a strong introduction and conclusion. 6. Prepare at least two presentation aids to use in your Audio/visual aids shouldn’t be longer than 15 seconds for three minute speeches or 30 seconds for five minute speeches. 7. Practice your speech in front of some friends or relatives. As you rehearse your speech, try to apply the concepts you’ve learned. Ask your audience for feedback on your presentation. If necessary, revise your speech based on the input you receive. 8. Once you’ve rehearsed your speech and you’re satisfied with your delivery, set up a time to record the speech. Invite at least five people to serve as your audience. Speech76 9. Record the speech. (Be sure the person using the camera pans across the audience at some point during the speech.) a. Begin the recording by reading the sentences below. Fill in the blanks as you read. The type of speech I’ve chosen is _______ (narrative/ personal experience, informational, or persuasive), and the organizational pattern I’ve used is _______. The audience to which I’ve addressed this speech is _______. b. Pause a few seconds (count to five in your head), and then begin your speech. 10. Watch the recorded speech. Ensure that it fulfills the requirements for the assignment. 11. To upload your speech for grading, follow the instructions for uploading your project to your Digital Dropbox in the introduction to this study guide.The exam number for this speech is 25022800. Your instructor will ask the following questions in grading your speech. n Does the speaker consider the audience? n Does the speaker clearly state the thesis statement? n Is the speech developed according to the chosen organizational pattern? n Does the speech have a strong introduction and a strong conclusion? n Are the speech’s presentation aids effective? n Does the speaker use accurate language? n Does the speech exhibit vivid language? n Is the speech spoken appropriately?

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