Prepositional Phrases

Favorite Place

Tell me about your favorite place. Choose a very specific location! For example, you might tell me about a room in your house or room in the university or a particular restaurant or store at a specific mall, a specific place on the Corniche etc Dont choose an entire city or country!

Part 1

Write 15 Prepositional Phrases: 5 should describe a location; 5 should describe a time; 5 should describe some other condition.


(location)  1) next to my desk

(time)          2) in the late afternoon

(other)        3) without any people

Part 2

Using the prepositional phrases in Part 1, write 15 sentences about your favorite place. Underline the prepositional phrase and the word (noun or verb) that it is describing.


1) The window next to my desk is full of sunshine.

2) I love to go there in the late afternoon.

3) It is a quiet place, without any people.

You will be graded on grammatical accuracy and analysis as well as the variety of structures used. Hint! The more prepositions you use, the better.


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