Abuse of Prescription Drugs

Order Specifications
Recognize and identify the issue
1. Clearly state the problem or issue in public health as well as the goal of the public policy brief.
2. Measure the issue Be precise about the scope and severity of the issue.
3. Describe the group of people the issue affects.
4. Be detailed about the nature of the issue and how it impacts the populace; when applicable, mention risk factors.
5. Take into account the social and economic effects of this public health concern or problem.
6. Think about your audience and the information that they require.
There Is Proof
1. Determine which supporting data will best enable you to articulate the main point(s) of the public health policy short). Only provide information that is required to support the argument(s) stated in your brief.
2. Take into account the presentation of the data.
3. When relevant and available, remember to provide qualitative information in addition to quantitative.
4. Take into account using graphs, tables, or other suitable visual aids where applicable. If you decide to omit it from the word/page count and offer this kind of proof as an addendum.
Describe possible policy remedies
1. Examine the data on your subject in relation to the policies, guidelines, suggestions, public health initiatives, and/or other programs put in place to deal with the specific public health issue or problem.
2. Provide evidence for legislative proposals that will solve the problem or issue in public health. From a variety of policy options, the policy brief may choose one or more. Explain why the chosen policy solution(s) is/are best suited to the issue.
Make suggestions for policy changes.
1. Use this chance to argue in favor of one or more of the suggested policy changes.


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