Present the concepts and principles that could be applied to address those issues. (write 1-2paragraphs)

The concepts and principles that could be applied

When studying a case study, please follow the instructions and respond to the questions in the assignments.

Step 1: Identify the problems covered in the case study. (Spend 1-2 paragraphs here)

Read the case study, comprehend the issues raised, and then summarize it in your own words.

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Step 2: Outline the ideas and guidelines that could be used to tackle those problems. (Compose 1-2 paragraphs)

Consider the ideas you acquired in the course and which ones might be applicable to this particular instance after you have understood the issues in the case study.

Step 3: Apply the principles to the case study analysis. (Spend 1-2 paragraphs here)

Try to evaluate the issue using logic and many points of view after you are certain of the principles to be applied to resolve it.

Discuss your proposal for resolving the ethical dilemma in step four. (Spend 1-2 paragraphs here)

Following a thorough analysis of the situation, you would devise a plan of action to address it in the method you believe is most effective. Keep in mind that your analysis is your own, and there may be other approaches to tackle the problem.

Step 5: Respond to the assignment’s questions.

Don’t forget to respond to the assignment’s questions because they are worth points.



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