Prevent mosquito dependent spread of west nile virus

1. Suppose you decide to discover a way to prevent the mosquito-dependent spread of the West Nile virus. You aID a chemical to a small pool of water which contains many mosquito larvae as well as many larvae of a small, six-legged water bug. The mosquito and water bug larvae are easily distinguished because the water bug larvae have six legs like the adults. Throughout the 15 days after aIDing the chemical no adult mosquitos were seen. Many mosquito pupae, however, were visible in the water. During the 15 days of exposure to the chemical you noticed than only a few mosquito and water bug larvae died. To your surprise, at the 15th day almost all the water bug larvae had become bigger and were now adult six-legged water bugs. What might have been the effect on mosquitos of the chemical you aIDed to the water?
2. A gardener transplant two small, leafy, potted plants that were 6 inches tall and had green leaves and green stems. Both plants were transplanted to new pots the same size as the original pots. In one case, the new pot contained dry soil to which plenty of water was aIDed. This soil ws the same as the soil in the original pot. The other plant, however, was transplanted to a pot containing a soil the solid material of which is fairly soluble in water, much more soluble in water than the soil in which the plant developed from a seed. After one day, the gardener noticed that the plant%u2019s leaves were wilting and that after two days the plant stem bent over so far the leaves were touching the soil. What happened to this plant? Why did it wilt so quickly?

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