primary, secondary and tertiary prevention using Healthy People 2030

You will earn points for your initial discussion post, as well as your responses. If you do not provide an initial post and responses, you cannot earn full credit. Refer to the Discussion Rubric on how points are earned.

  • Review primary, secondary and tertiary prevention using Healthy People 2030 as a guide for current initiatives related to the health of women and infants.
  • Relate the three levels of prevention to the health of infants and at-risk women in your community.
  • Describe how a prevention program could positively impact specific risk factors for the health of women and infants in your community.



Discussion Rubric Criteria Example Points Possible
INITIAL POSTING: Incorporated knowledge of readings and material within the response, contributed a substantive posting that demonstrated, critical thinking and understanding of the subject matter. Do not cut and paste to the Discussion Board. Discussions should be a reflection in your own words.

Initial post: 100-150 words, minimum

**Initial post must include a reference and one in text citation.

Postings offered substantial, well written contributions and opinions, observations, questions, experiences, critiques, and/or suggestions. Reflects a reference from the required readings or outside readings, and/or personal experiences related to the question.


Met criteria for length of response.

Follow APA Rules posted on Module 1. Include one reference and one in text citation. If you quote you must include the page or para number.







1.0—Word Count


1.0—-Reference and in text citation.

RESPONSE POSTING:  Responded to one other class member with substantial details that reflects critical thinking.



Response: 100 words, minimum

Posting to classmate either agrees or disagrees with classmate and provides evidence in support of the response. Posting is constructive and contributes to the discussion. All questions/comments posed from classmates were appropriately addressed.

Meets criteria for length of response.







GRAMMAR: Posted submissions exhibit appropriate grammar, punctuation, and proper language use at the college writing level. Follow APA numbers and abbreviations rules. No grammar, spelling errors, abbreviation errors and number rules errors in responses. 1.0




LATE PENALTY-10% per day late One point will be deducted each day for late submissions and no submissions accepted after Saturday at 11:59 pm; the week of post due date. TOTAL POINTS POTENTIALLY EARNED – 20

**Any submission that includes the initial and 1 response post all on

the same day will be subject to a deduction of -1.0 points

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