Principles for Reading Success

EDU 371  EDU371 Phonics Based Reading and Decoding Week 4 DQ 2 ( Principles for Reading Success ) SCORE 100% SCORE

Principles for Reading Success

Complete a search for journal articles (professional) that include Principles for Reading Success. Report back to the group through the discussion forum:
a. The Five (5) Components of Reading Instruction:

EDU 645 EDU645 Learning & Assessment for the 21st Century Week 1 DQ 2 ( No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and High-Stakes Testing (HST) Debate ) 100% SCORE

2 Answers Included

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and High-Stakes Testing (HST) Debate

The effects of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act on high-stakes testing (HST) has generated controversy amongst educators. In this discussion you will briefly debate the efficacy of NCLB. Find your assigned “Debate Group” below: Debate Grouping (by first letter of last name)

§ A-L: Proponents of NCLB and HST

§ M-Z: Opponents of NCLB and HST

Conduct research on NCLB using the web and the Ashford library, and develop a cohesive and research-based argument for or against NCLB based on the position you’ve been assigned. Then, respond to at least two peers of the opposite group with a critical evaluation of their argument. Comment on the accuracy and clarity of their post and ask follow-up questions if needed. Your response should be based on your research and not on your opinion

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