Prior to beginning work on this assignment read Chapter 5 in the Martin (2015), Chapter 2 in the Steiner (2015) text, and the King (2010) article.

Martin (2015), Chapter 2 of Steiner (2015), and the King (2010) article

Read Chapter 5 of Martin (2015), Chapter 2 of Steiner (2015), and the King (2010) article before starting this task.

The annotated bibliography is a standalone project due in Week 2, but it will also act as the basis for the summative assignment’s literature review part. The Ashford University Library must contribute 10 scholarly journal articles to the annotated bibliography. Knowledge of the components and format of an annotated bibliography is provided by the King (2010) essay. You may also want to look at the Ashford Writing Center’s example annotated bibliography to get a rough idea of what one looks like, but be sure to include the components listed below.

Each journal article needs to touch on at least one of the subjects below. Additionally, each of the topics listed below must be covered in at least one of the 10 articles you choose.

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duties and functions of organizations that lessen hostilities, threats, dangers, and effects; abilities to recognize, assess, and address complex policy issues; techniques that response systems use; and legal and ethical problems that result from Homeland Security actions. The theory is used to promote homeland security research questions. For each source, the annotated bibliography must have the information below.

Make a citation in APA style that is comprehensive. Make an annotation that lists the details included in each complete article. While putting this data together, briefly touch on the points below. Describe the purpose of the research, its findings, and any policy implications that follow. Briefly summarize the authors’ educational and professional backgrounds; Give a brief comparison of this publication’s results and contributions to those of another article in your annotated bibliography. Describe briefly how you might use the article to support your theoretically sound and research-based policy suggestion. The bibliography was annotated.

It must be between three and five pages long (excluding the title and references pages) and formatted in accordance with the Ashford Writing Center’s guidelines for APA style. A separate title page is required, with the following information: Name of the assignment Name of the pupil and number of the course Trainer’s name, submitted date, and use of a minimum of ten scholarly journal articles All sources must be cited using the APA style, as recommended by the Ashford Writing Center.


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