Problem Solving and Social Media/Networking

Read the scenario and then respond using a tweet for this Discussion.

A well-known actor/producer was supposedly seen by a young fan in Sonoma County while he was wine tasting. The fan took what he claims is a video of the famous actor/producers surly drunken behavior at the winery restaurant. The video went viral (i.e., instantly shared over the Internet) and although the footage is scratchy, many claim this video appears authentic. Some say this actors popularity is going to be damaged and his new movie, Lets Begin Again, a movie about a social media icons downfall, will lose audience share as a result.

The team in charge of this actor/producers promotion gets busy to mitigate the damage. Note: You can use your imagination to suggest a remedial social media tweet.

As one of the movie production team members, make your first posting a tweet (up to a maximum of 280 characters as allowed per post on Twitter) to assist your large team remediation of this social media fiasco.

Then in your second posting explain how you addressed the problem using the problem-solving steps.

The problem-solving steps:
1.    Define the problem analyze it
2.    Prioritize the resolution: What is most immediately needed and which is secondary?
3.    Brainstorm possible solutions based on priorities
4.    Come to a mutually agreed upon solution
5.    Put the resolution into operation
6.    Evaluate the results

Your third and final required posting, respond to your team members (i.e., your classmates).


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