Problem-Solving Frameworks

Weekly Readings and Videos

Problem Identification and Resolution   (2020). Bellevue University.

15 Fundamental KPI Retail Metrics [And How to Measure Them]. (2019, Jun 6).

Costco’s Retail Innovation Craze. Farfan, B. (2019, Dec 12).

The Simplex Process – A Robust Creative Problem-Solving Process. Bruce, J. (2011, Feb 15).

Retail Strategic Performance Management. (4:01). Brett Knowles. (2011, Mar 10).



Recall a recent problem or situation in your business and how it was resolved.

Using the format below, provide answers to the following:

  1. Problem/Issue:
  2. Who was involved:
  3. Who resolved it:
  4. How it was resolved:
  5. Would you consider the resolution a success? Explain.
  6. Would you have resolved it in the same way? Why or why not? Explain your rationale.
  7. Describe why identifying the right problem is the first step in problem resolution.

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