Create a function that will generate a list of random numbers. Be sure the numbers are in random order. The function should accept a number that represents the size of the list and return the list.

Modify the Bubble sort, lnsertion sort and Shell sort functions to perform benchmark analysis on each of these functions. You can use some type of counting such as comparisons and/or swaps or you could use time.

Run the benchmark analysis on each sorting function for list sizes of 100, 1000, and 10000. Print the size and the benchmark values (time or counts).

Write an essay discussing your results. Be sure to explain your results completely and thoroughly. ln your conclusion, determine which, if any, of the sorting techniques are better.

Extra Credit:

Use the binaryList.txt file located in the folder mentioned above. You will need to read the numbers into a list. Run a for loop 20 times searching for the 20 numbers located in the binarylook.txt file. Analyze these searches using comparison.

Use the hashList.txt file located in the folder mentioned above. Using the hash search (remainder method), move the numbers from the file to a hash list. Suggested size for the hash list is 1171. Once the list is created, use the hash function to search for 20 numbers found in the hashLook.txt file. Analyze these searches using comparison. Write an essay completely explaining the two search methods.


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