Program Evaluation Proposal

(My field of study is Social Work) You will propose an evaluation of a program using a qualitative or quantitative methodology or both (mixed methods). You will develop objectives and hypotheses for the evaluation and choose methods best suited to fulfill the objectives. You will also discuss operational challenges and validity concerns, along with any ethical issues. Be realistic and remember to consider the cost of your design. Please use at least eight research articles to back up your claims in this paper. Program Evaluation Proposal: Assignment Guide: Provide a description of the program/agency you wish to evaluate. Make sure you address the history, mission, goals, and type of clientele served by this program/agency (1-1/2 pages). Conduct a literature review of previous program evaluation studies performed with similar programs/agencies (2-3 pages). Outline the objectives of your program evaluation, research questions/hypotheses (1/2 to 1 page) Propose a methodology for conducting your proposed program evaluation study (make sure to discuss chosen research design, sampling/respondent recruitment, instrumentation, data collection, data analysis, and ethical considerations) (2-3 pages) Provide mock results using SPSS analysis with dummy data. Consult your Text 2 to determine how your results should be reported based on the data analysis method you selected (1-2 pages). Discuss expected strengths and methodological/practical challenges/limitations of your proposed study (including cost) associated with your proposed needs assessment (1 page). What do you anticipate to be the practice, policy, and future research implications of your study? (1 page) In Appendices, provide questionnaire and interview protocol that you will use to collect data. The length of the paper should be approximately 8-12 double-spaced pages excluding title page, references, and appendices. The whole paper must be written following APA style and include the title page, abstract, and headings. I would recommend that you use the instructions in this guide to develop the headings in your paper. Please use at least 8 research articles to back up your claims in this paper. You should try to back up your claims where possible with sources/evidence. Throughout the paper Lastly, please head all sections of this paper.

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