Programming Languages

Check out the tiobe index (google for it). Pick a programming language on the list other than python. Where is it on the list of popular languages compared to python and how has it changed over time? Compare it’s programming features or coding style to python. Compare the two languages’ programming features such as compiled vs interpreted languages, procedural/imperative/declarative/functional programming, types (is it dynamic or static typing?), how are blocks done (indent, curly braces, other), etc. Write a sample piece of code (to the best of your ability) that demonstrates an inch to cm converter and compare it to the python version. Research an open-source software project and determine what programming language was used to develop the application. Why was this language chosen, or what made this a good programming language choice? Examine some of the sample code for one of the functions or modules of this project. Comment on the code and see if you understand what it is trying to do. Include a copy of that function or module code in your paper’s appendix.

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