Project CEO Brief (Graded)


Goals: • Show that you comprehend the essential elements of public relations practice; • Show that you can conduct critical analysis;
• Gain proficiency in writing succinct language in a professional setting.
(700 words) Task
Write a brief urging the development of a public relations department within your company for your chief executive officer (CEO). The report may, but need not, contain the following information:
• a justification for creating such a division; • the function of PR within the organization (including how it differs from the marketing division); • the stakeholders it should target; • the duties it should carry out; • whether it should also seek the assistance of other experts as needed; and • the potential impact the PR team could have on the organization.
You must represent one of the following organizations:
The District Council of the Fleurieu Peninsula is promoting a hiring drive for recent business graduates for regional tourism and hospitality businesses. These organizations include a new not-for-profit organization that addresses the issue of South Australian families through awareness campaigns, special events, and fundraising.
Format: The written report should be formatted according to the professional report style that was covered in the course.
Reference Format: Harvard Reference Format There must be a bibliography and reference list.
Marking standards:
The following criteria will be used to evaluate students’ writing: • appropriate format that is supported by conclusions and recommendations; • quality of written expression, including appropriate use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, argumentation, and originality; • evidence of thorough and competent research, as well as the proper use of Harvard style referencing.
Remarking and resubmitting assignments may be allowed as long as they are the first written assignment in the course. See “Submissions and Return of Assignments” further below.

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