International Business Services has recently been contacted by a manufacturing organization in China. The organization needs business consulting in the area of computer set-up and operations. This is the type of business opportunity the company president, Ms. Gibson, has been hoping would happen.
Unfortunately, it has come to attention of Ms. Gibson that his company uses children ages 10 to 16 as laborers on its production lines. No one is privileged to this information other than the four top managers at International Business Services. If you were a member of the management team, supply the following advice to Ms. Gibson about whether to do business with this international organization.
Respond to the following questions: (Each question is 10 points)
1. In your opinion, should the fact that this operation uses children in this way affect how International Business Services makes its money? Defend your position.

2. If (and when) the employees of International Business Services learn this information, how do you think they would advise Ms. Gibson?

3. In your opinion, do U.S. business have a right to express their concern over international issue of abuse such as this one?

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4. This is a very sensitive issue. Research child labor law in the U.S. and reflect on recent instances of how the United States has dealt with worker abuse in other countries that do business with the United States. (20 points)

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