Provide a critical analysis of who is intended to be the main audience of the PM plan? What do they need to know? How will they use the plan? What information needs to be provided?

The Project Management Plan

For help completing this project, refer to the assignment guidelines. To bolster your arguments and recommendations, don’t forget to incorporate academic theory into your assignment.
Please include the following:
Assessment sheet for Task 2: From the StudyDesk, download the mark sheet for the MGT8022 electronic submission. The proper file-naming conventions should be used for electronic assignments.
Page title: In addition to the electronic mark sheet mentioned above, make sure your paper has a standard report cover sheet or title page that would be required of a professional document to include information about the report title, author, date, student number, etc. This assignment should be presented like a professional academic paper because it is one.
Critical Analysis of the Project Management Plan in Part 1
Executive Summary (200–250 words; not included in the word count for the assignment). The table of contents is placed before the executive summary. Read the instructions and write a formal executive summary outlining the objectives, methodology, key results, conclusions, and recommendations of the study. The analysis is the only subject of the executive summary. (PRO TIP: After you have finished writing the report, write this last.)
the contents table The executive summary, introduction, key parts, references, individual appendices, and a complete listing of all figures and tables should be included, along with their corresponding page numbers.
1. Introductory paragraph (250 words) Give a brief explanation of the purpose of your report’s preparation, the project it examines, and its format. (Note: If you used the same project as assignment 1, this may resemble the introduction there, but this is a fresh report, and you need to give the information your reader needs to comprehend it. The same information may be used in both assignments. (If you are utilizing your original work, assignment 1 need not be cited.)
2. Background of the project (250 words): Your project description should include information on the project’s context, including the project’s location, sponsoring organization, purpose, and other relevant details. Each component of the plan should be explained in sufficient depth so that the reader can understand why it is there, what it does, and how it is organized.
3. Project management plan audience and format (about 1000–1500 words)
• 3.1 Offer a critical analysis of the PM plan’s targeted primary audience. What information do they need? How will they apply the strategy? What specific details must be given?
3.2. What other PM plan structures exist (compare and contrast a variety of theories and viewpoints here)? How should that data be delivered? In what order? What is the theory’s conclusion?
4. The project management plan’s contents (about 1000–1500 words)
Analyze each component of the plan critically and offer some theoretical context for the information that is presented there (e.g., why is a project schedule included, is it a useful document, was it created by the correct individuals, does it contain the relevant information, etc.). The study modules, text book, chosen readings, and other sources will all be consulted in the creation of this explanation. This discussion will likely touch on most, if not all, of the knowledge domains listed in PMI 2013’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). It need not fall under those titles, but it must be made very clear that it encompasses all topics that are officially covered by the several project management bodies of knowledge.
5. Summary (250 words): Write a summary of the conclusions you reached after examining your project management strategy. What information did you learn regarding the project plan? Does it fit the established theory? What factors affect project outcomes, and how essential are they? What are its advantages and disadvantages? At this point, pay attention to the project plan rather than the theory.
6. Suggestions (maximum of 250 words): What recommendations do you have for your chosen PMP based on this analysis? What modifications to your PMP are necessary for this project (or similar projects in the future)? Address the flaws the conclusions pointed out. Once more, pay attention to suggestions linked to your PMP rather than the project itself.
a list of sources List all of your references in full detail, including all of the citations you used in the assignment’s body.
Appendices: You will find the PMP you analyzed in Appendix 1 (see below). Any subsequent appendices that expressly address the analysis beyond Appendix 1 should be attached. In the order they appear, they should be numbered sequentially (Appendix 2, etc.).
Part 2: The Project Management Plan (Appendix 1)
Appendix 1 should ideally be a real project management plan for the project you have selected. This kind of document would be sent to a client or manager to show how the project will be managed through to completion. A project plan is frequently used to secure sponsor or client commitment and should provide enough details to make such a choice confidently. Before choosing a document for study, be sure you know what a project management plan is.
If you don’t have access to a plan from your company, you can use one from another source or build a document specifically for this project using one that already exists. In either case, the source should be acknowledged.
The report may also have appendices in addition to the PM strategy. In that case, they ought to be numbered in order, such as Appendix 2, Appendix 3, etc.
Originality Report via Turnitin
A copy of the Turnitin Originality Report should be sent with your assignment through EASE, along with a condensed version of your assignment (delete the mark sheet and all appendices) for plagiarism verification. For more specific instructions, refer to the above.

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