Psychology 3170 writing project An ongoing debate in clinical psychology and mental health

You are required to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of one of the following themes in your first paper:
1. Online counseling
2. Psychologists have access to prescription drugs
3. Participation in interrogations (such as those involving national security).

You should do a short search for details that will enable you to comprehend the main advantages and disadvantages of PsycINFO. To support your arguments, please choose 5-7 key references and cite them in your paper. You can also incorporate data from journal and newspaper articles as well as websites for trade associations (like the American Psychological Association).

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Pros and disadvantages should be presented objectively, and at the conclusion of your article, you should state your opinion. How would you assess the benefits and drawbacks of these activities, as well as the current evidence?

Papers may be between 5 and 7 pages long (double-spaced). Please choose Times Roman 12 or another common font in a normal size. Margin space should be allowed (1″ all around).

Please use APA formatting as closely as you can. There are other “quick” guidelines online that may be helpful, such as or Include your cites and references in APA format, in particular. Instead of having an introduction, method, findings, and discussion part like in your Research Methods class, this paper will be written more like an essay.
Please carefully study the above-mentioned instruction.

Additionally, the resources should be trustworthy when being searched for.



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