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1) Personal Experience with Abnormal Behavior or with Serious Physical Illness.

6 exam points for each paper. This paper must be typed to receive credit. Inadequate papers containing a few sentences and very little information will not earn extra credit. You should submit your paper by placing it in the alphabetized file at the front of the classroom.

1. Describe problem — relate to categories and descriptions in your textbooks.

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2. Describe precipitating factors — what events or situations might help explain the condition?

3. How was the problem treated and how did the individual respond to treatment?

4. Were there negative side effects to the treatment? (drugs, shock therapy, psychotherapy)


5. From what you have learned in PY 101, how would you have dealt with the problem?

6. What was the final outcome?

7. For serious physical disease — describe the psychological aspects of the disease, the treatment, the family, etc. Were the physicians sensitive to these factors?

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