For this assignment, your task is to watch and reflect on an episode of “The Brain Series” hosted by Charlie Rose. Each video is about 45 min to 60 min in length and has neuroscientists and psychologists discuss how different aspects of behavior and thought are rooted in the brain. You may pick any one video from the following link ( to watch. These videos are free to view from any place (made available via PBS!). I want you to reflect on the following aspects: ● What topics were covered in the video? ● What did you know about the topics prior to watching the video? ● What new information did you learn from watching the video? ● What would like to learn more about after watching the video? I recommend having a paragraph for each point. You must include the name of the video you watched. The written assignment must be submitted electronically as a Word or PDF document (.doc, .docx, .pdf) on Blackboard. The document must abide by the general rules for written assignments (see syllabus). You are encouraged to use the textbook and lecture notes to complete the assignment. You will be graded on how well you address each of the items be

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