Psychology Applied

Note: this assignment requires you to embed an image in your Discussion post. Please review how to embed an image in a Discussion post in the Canvas Student Guide. How to be Successful on your Psychology Applied Assignment Answer and all the prompts and number/label your responses. This PA has multiple parts, and multiple questions within each part. You must answer each of the prompts. Since it involves another person, get started on it as soon as possible. Follow the rubrics. You must include references to your textbook and appropriate APA-style citations and full references. You may include additional sources, but references to the text are mandatory. It is an automatic 5-point deduction if you do not include any references to the textbook. Remember, for your peer response you must comment on another classmates’ original post. You will not earn credit for commenting on your own post, although this is encouraged! Write in an academic style. While this assignment includes a personal memory, there should still be a formal, academic tenor to your writing with appropriate language, spelling, and grammar. You can write in the first person but it should be a balance between personal recollection and integration of the course material. Save your assignment in a Word document. Create your PA in a Word document and then copy and paste it into the Discussion. Embed the image in your post (see above). Be aware of both due dates. Your original post is due on Thursday of this Module, and your peer response is due on Sunday of this Module. Helpful Tips and Reminders Do every part of this assignment. Follow the instructions about the sections that should be included. Address every bullet point and every question. Embed your image in the your Discussion post. See how to do this in the Discussion Section on the Canvas Student Guide. Cite the text regarding what type of this memory this is and the influence on recollection – the textbook cites different types of memories as well as issues with encoding, retrieval failure, etc. Try to get as much information as you can. If this person gives you a very short description, help him/her along, like ask things along these lines: “What else do you remember? Do you remember (this aspect of the picture)? Do you remember what the weather was like? What were you doing right here?” Just don’t tell him/her your memory of the event. Of course, you can tell him/her you are asking for an assignment in this class. Use direct references to the appropriate terms in the text regarding memory construction and forgetting and do so with APA-formatted in-text citations and full references. Don’t forget to discuss forgetting. Organize and label your PA correctly. You will get a 3-4 point deduction if you do not include the appropriate sections and headings.

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