Public administration

In accordance with the information provided under each question, respond to the following:

What are the main differences between Sanger’s external surroundings and that of a business executive?

* Looking at the distinction between the public and private sectors.

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What do you suppose the rationale behind each of her sixteen rules might be? What other rules may a public official find helpful in a similar circumstance?

* Outline 16 logical arguments for the 16 rules. Each justification for the rule “must be one or two sentences at most.” Then, rather than using the provided rules, you must develop three additional logics.

Q3: She was a highly compensated company leader when she was approached to take over the agency. Why do you believe she took such a significant pay cut?

* Provide an answer that considers power, government, public services, and helping others. “For some people, having money isn’t everything.”

Q4: Where does she get her power from?

* Connect the response to the “sources of power” (the sources can be found in the chapter slides that are uploaded as the Q4 Answer).

5. Offer some concrete recommendations for the first several months in office.

* After accepting the employment in the office, what should she do in the initial few months.



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