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Pay attention to the requirements and I can share some of my work.

Health issue: Dental Caries
Population group: Children
Populations : Saudi Arabia

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assignment is clear structure and you can see that structure in (structre file) that Iupload ** (Dental caries among children in saudi Arabia) ==================================================================== 1.0 Introduction Introduction to the paper itself. Be succinct. Specify which aspects of the topic will be included and how it is to be organised. Give brief summary – you do not need to cite sources for this AS LONG AS the information is covered in detail (with citations) within the main body of the paper. It is best not to give definitions here but if you do, then you do need to cite the sources. (You do not need to discuss your search strategy and key words used) 2.0 (Name of health issue) in (name of target group) in (population) Basic description of health issue. DO NOT give long explanations of the anatomy, physiology, pathology or treatment of the disease/injury. Give any definitions for terminology that you will use in the paper. Note the full name for any abbreviations the first time you use them. Definition of your population and target group of choice. Description of any relevant geographical or demographic information about your population and target group of choice Statistics: incidence/prevalence/rates in your population and target group of choice. Briefly mention if there are any biological determinants that make up a part of the whole epidemiological picture of the disease (e.g. genetic predisposition) – unless it is most appropriate to briefly mention it when you mention a particular related risk factor/behaviour or environmental/social determinant because they act as a trigger. Break this into sections (with appropriate titles for each subsection) as appropriate. 2.1 Subtitle 1 2.2 Subtitle 2 2.3 Subtitle 3 You may doone or both of the following sections in EITHER ORDER: 3.0 Risk Factors and/or Behaviours 3.1 Risk factor/behaviour 1 Discussion of risk factor – definition, statistics, how linked to health outcomes, then link to social and/or environmental determinant (if not discussed in separate section). Break this into sections (with appropriate titles for each subsection) etc as appropriate. 3.1.1 Subtitle 1 3.2.2 Subtitle 2 3.2.3 Subtitle 3 3.2 Risk factor 2 3.3 Risk factor 3 3.4 etc (if there are more) AND/OR 4.0 Social (and/or Environmental) determinants 4.1 Social determinant 1 Discussion of social determinant – definition and how linked to health outcomes, risk factors/behaviours (if not discussed in separate section), Break this into sections 4.1.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, (with appropriate titles for each subsection) etc as appropriate. 4.2 Social determinant 2 4.3 Social determinant 3 4.4 etc (if there are more) 5.0 Conclusion Summarise the main body of the paper and do not cite any new information. The main body was based on the writing of others and this is where you can state your own opinion (in the third person) based on the information you have gathered and put together 6.0 References =================================================================
This assignment needs a high standard in (in- text citation) . Check the citation word document that Iupload +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ One more point: I tried to write the assignment but I got stock and I do not know to differentiate between risk factors & Social/ Environmental determinant. Risk factors/ behaviours and social/ environmental determinant should be correlated. That is why I need your help My work is in theupload documents (my work)

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