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The director of the state’s Public Health Department wants you and your team to analyze the data that the department has been collecting through the biosurveillance system. The director wants to know if you and your team are able to predict the occurrence of the new disease X, that you defined in the Module 8 discussion. What type of data do you need to extract from the biosurveillance system to formulate the prediction model? (Again, you can make any assumptions you need about the data collected in the biosurveillance system.) What prediction model will you be utilizing and why?
In your response posts:
What do you think about your classmates’ selection of their prediction models?
Do you want to suggest an additional article for review because you were able to find helpful information on the public health scenario and/or prediction models?
Do you have specific reasons to agree or disagree with your classmates’ assessments about advantages and/or disadvantages of their prediction models?

3. Use information technology to access, evaluate, interpret, and communicate public health information.
4. Generalize, analyze, and interpret biostatistics in describing the health of communities.
5. Develop and translate different measurement scales and data distributions to determine statistical methodology.
6. Evaluate, interpret, and communicate results of descriptive and inferential statistical analyses of public health data to a variety of audiences.
8. Calculate, synthesize, and communicate epidemiological information to a variety of audiences.

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