Public health in nutrition


Portfolio of Professional Development

1a Write a personal statement detailing your credentials and experiences that prove you are qualified to work as a nutritionist in public health. Point out the essential qualifications for the position, such as organization, communication, project planning abilities, etc. To develop the essential information you must exhibit in the application, look at pertinent job specifications. (700 words)
[At this point, you are recommended to use the Association for Nutrition (AFN) competency requirement to shape your personal statements and to explain why you chose to study public health in nutrition as a field of study in your master’s degree and how you intend to meet the AFN standards.]

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Journal of Reflection on Education 2a: The ability to collaborate well with others is a necessity in daily life.
There will be occasions in both your professional and academic lives when participating in particular group assignments will help the success of the whole. Strongly transferable talents include the capacity for building productive workplace connections and the capacity for interaction.
Discuss models of reflection and learning using the Belbin approach, critically assessing teamwork and group dynamics, and taking into account the elements that could help or hinder a group’s success (450 words, extensive referencing).
What part do you typically or naturally perform in Belbin? What characteristics best describe this position? Based on your undergraduate or postgraduate experience thus far, how well do you feel these characteristics match your personality both generally and in a team environment? 450 words.

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