Public health system Management Action Plan

As you learned in this unit’s material, many forces of change can affect healthcare policy. For this assignment, you will evaluate the current and future effect of health policies on the healthcare system by first identifying the forces of change that are likely to influence public health policy and by then analyzing how these factors will affect the future of public health policy.

Focus on the questions below.

· What has occurred recently that may affect the public health system?

· Are there trends occurring that will have an effect? Describe these trends.

· What forces are occurring locally, regionally, nationally, and globally?

· What may occur in the near future that may affect the public health system or the health of your community?

Your essay must be a minimum of three pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Your paper should be organized well and contain an introduction.




There are several threats which occurred recently that may affect the public health system. This public health issues are likely to bring the most severe consequences in 2023 and beyond. First, there are threats to global public health which are not caused by any single discrete event but which are exacerbated by the pandemic. The second one is the fact that the pandemic is going to be with us for a long time. Third, there are potential new public health threats that are created by the economic crisis. Lastly, the situation is going to become more unstable with the rise of extremism and terrorism.

EssaysPrompt has highlighted the key top threat to the public health in 2023 to guide you in writing your assignment above

They include;

Disparities in Healthcare Access and Outcomes

Violence and Trauma

Food Insecurity

Global Public Health and COVID-19

Social Isolation


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