Public Interest and Ethics Essay

You need to select and to read (1) two articles on the public interest, and (2) two articles on ethics from the following list, as well as (3) review one of the Codes of Ethics identified.

Ethics Articles (Student choice of two articles)

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E1: Dubnick, M. J. (2003). Accountability and ethics: Reconsidering the relationships. International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 6(3), 405-441.

E2: Feldheim, M. A., & Johnson, G. (2004). Normative education: Putting the public servant in public service. Global Virtue Ethics Review, 5(3), 7-29.

E3: Hanbury, G. L. (2004). A “pracademics perspective of ethics and honor: Imperatives for public service in the 21st century! Public Organization Review, 4(3), 187-204.

E4: Kernaghan, K. (2003). Integrating values into public service: The values statement as centerpiece. Public Administration Review, 63(6), 711-719.

E5: Limerick, B. (2003). Womens voices on developing an ethical public service. Gender in Management, 18(8), 398-405.

Public Interest Articles (Student choice of two articles)

PI: Denhardt, R. B., & Denhardt, J. V. (2000). The new public service: Serving rather than steering. Public Administration Review, 60(6), 549-559.

P2: King, C. S., Feltey, K. M., & Susel, B. O. (1998). The question of participation: Toward authentic public participation in public administration. Public Administration Review, 58(4), 317-326.

P3: Lewis, C. W. (2006). In pursuit of the public interest. Public Administration Review, 66(5), 694-701.

P4: Schubert, G. A., Jr. (1957). “The public interest” in administrative decision-making: theorem, theosophy, or theory? American Political Science Review, 51(2), 346- 368.
P5: Staats, E. B. (1988). Public service and the public interest. Public Administration Review, 48(2), 601-605.

Codes of Ethics URLs:

C1: American Society of Public Administration Code of Ethics (Available on Blackboard)
C2: International City/County Managers Association Code of Ethics (Available on Blackboard)

Your essay must be in your own words with in-text references as appropriate and a reference list at the end of the essay. References must be in APA style. Essays are due via the “Assignment” function, no later than 6:00 p.m., November 22.

After reading your selected articles, compose an essay that addresses the following:

1. Describe and discuss the conceptions of the public interest and ethics from the articles read and one of the codes of ethics posted.
2. Provide your composite understanding of the public interest and ethics.
3. Using these conceptions, convey how you see the public interest and ethics relating to the management of a public agency with which you are familiar.

Please ensure your name is on your essay and identify which articles and the code you chose to discuss in brackets next to your name (e.g., Bob Miller [E1, E4, P3, P5, & C1]). Essays are to be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins (left, right, top, bottom), and 12-point type. Use standard indented paragraphs and do not insert extra lines between paragraphs. Essays are to be no shorter that three full pages and no longer than four full pages for full credit consideration. They must be submitted via the “Assignment” function of Blackboard.


Essays have a value of 30 points, or 7.5%, of the total course grade. They will be graded on (1) comprehensiveness, accuracy, and critical thinking, (2) writing mechanics. Grading reference points follow:

A- = 27
B- = 24
C- = 21
D- = 18

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