publish of Study Summary Paper

publish of Study Summary Paper

Students will be required to write a five-page summary paper on the attached artivle. Students should submit in an initial publish of the Study Summary Paper. The publish of the Study Summary Paper should incorporate the journal assignments completed from Weeks 1-5. This initial publish of the paper should be a relatively complete version of the project.  Heavy emphasis on highlighted.

1.   Students must answer these questions: (Which youve already done. Just need it compiled all in one paper.)

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  1. What is the question/problem this study or experiment is addressing?
  2. What is the hypothesis and null hypothesis?
  3. What were the relevant variables?
  4. How well was the sample chosen?
  5. What was the research design (and was it non-experimental, experimental, or quasi-experimental)? Was the research design appropriate?  What were its limitations?
  6. How was the study/experiment received by the academic community? (this requires researching other sources)
  7. How would you introduce the results to the religious community?
  8. What would the student propose as a next step in resolving the question or problem? (this requires researching other sources)

2. The students paper should be entirely in APA format and include the following:

a.  Running Head, Title Page (1 page), Abstract (1 page), and References (1 page).

b.  Introduction (1/2 page): The topic of the paper should be introduced.  The structure of the paper should be laid out.  The reader should know what the paper will address, which questions will be answered, and how the paper will be structured. Very Important!

c. Body (4 pages): The major content areas of the paper should be laid out and explained using the scholarly research.

d. Conclusion (1/2 page): Having answered the major questions of the paper, a final section should apply these conclusions to the life of the church today.

3. When preparing this assignment, the following guidelines should also be followed:

a.  The paper should be a total of 8 pages in length, formatted according to these specifications:     The length requirement (5 pages) does not include the title page, abstract or references.

d.  Sources must be cited throughout the paper using APA, Sixth Edition citation. References formatted to APA, Sixth Edition standards should be included on the last page. References should be listed in alphabetical order and indented.

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