Hello, find in the attached file the article my second article review assignment and this is third. please, follow the format or else i will disput my case.

Article Review Format:

Your Name                               Topic:  (of project, not each individual article)


Article Review #

Bibliography entry:  Use guide from p. 6 of this syllabus or references in your text as examples

Author(s) affiliation(s)

Statement of the purpose of the study.

Summary:  2 – 3 paragraphs.  Describe the research study.  Summarize subjects, methods, results, and the author’s conclusions.  Include the author’s conclusions, positions, recommendations, etc. in this section.

Critique:  1 well-developed paragraph. React and/or critique the article, giving your own opinions, support, and/or criticisms of the article or study.  Tell what you found interesting, informative, how/why you would/would not use the information, who you think would benefit from the article, and any questions or recommendations you have for further investigation.

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