QEP/Critical Thinking: Developmental Psychology

Objective: Students will apply learning theories to a prominent person of his or her choice (not a family member).


Select an adult to study (someone who is a prominent person, singer/actor, politician, athlete, or someone in the news)
Prepare a 700-1000 word paper in which assess the following issues:

What family issues or support systems may have influenced this person’s learning style and behaviors?
Select two theories of learning and apply them to the person you selected to study. Review the lesson on “Learning” if necessary
How does each theory explain their behavior, ideas, and achievements?
Additional Instructions:

This report should include an intro paragraph, 3 paragraphs for the body of the paper, and a summary (conclusion) paragraph.

Intro paragraph: should direct the reader by including what you are about to communicate (person you chose, family issues or support system, and learning theories you chose). One sentence for each is adequate.
2nd paragraph: A short summary of this persons life
3rd paragraph: The family systems that may have influence this person and/or their support system
4th paragraph: The two learning theories you applied and how these theories explain their behavior
Conclusion: Summarize your entire paper

This assignment must include in paragraph citations and references

Thank you in advance..


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