The control of quality in healthcare institutions

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I need your help with this, please. Here are two case studies, each of which needs five pages. Case Study 1

a 250-bed public hospital that provides all medical services but doesn’t offer oncology or open heart surgery. 30 adult ICU beds are available, compared to 10 paediatric ICU beds. There are 120 outpatient clinics in total, distributed over a four-story building.

The board of directors of the hospital asked a “health consulting company” to assess the “quality of services” provided. The study provided by The Consultant Company noted the following issues:

1. The hospital’s physical structure requires constant maintenance; 2. Many diagnostic devices, particularly those used in radiology and laboratory medicine, are antiquated, and some are defective; 3. The “Human Resources Department” lacks development, and personnel files are poorly organised;
4. Because it lacks development, the “Information Technology Department” needs to be greatly upgraded;
5. Lack of a “Total Quality Management Department”
6. There are difficulties in retaining employees and work satisfaction;
7. Not enough “parking” alternatives in outpatient areas;
8. a deficiency in biological upkeep and preventative care; 9. a number of safety breaches have been discovered;
10. There aren’t enough nurses, despite there being more than 2,500 personnel.

In order to fulfil CBAHI Accreditation Standards and address every issue raised in the external consultant’s report, you have been given the duty of leading a team that will develop a “Strategic Plan” for the hospital’s progress over the course of the next five years.
Answer the following inquiries in light of the aforementioned circumstances:

1. Make a list of the team members you need to gather from the hospital staff personnel on hand.

List the SWOT analysis’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as part of the environmental situational analysis for the aforementioned hospital.

3. Give six (6) examples of the strategies you have developed and put into practice as part of the action plan to create a strategy plan for the aforementioned hospital’s next five years based on your SWOT analysis and the institution’s long-term objectives.

Second task: case study

You have been selected to act as the Performance Improvement Committee’s interim chairman in a new hospital with 150 beds. 60 consultants, 200 nurses and technicians, and 35 administrative staff are all employed by this new hospital. With a 48% inpatient occupancy rate, the OPD clinics see a total of 300 patients.

Answer the questions below.

1. What are your committee’s main duties in relation to the TQM programme at the hospital?

2. Who will make up the committee, as expected? List every division or job function.

How frequently must your PIC have meetings?

4. Using a diagram, where does the TQM Department fit within the hospital’s organisational structure?

5. How do you identify issues with quality throughout the first two years of your hospital’s quality initiatives?

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